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Android Racing Circuit mood board

In a future dystopian world, purpose-built androids compete in a lightning-fast cyberpunk death sport for fame and glory.

Android Racing Circuit is a One Page set of rules for a tabletop miniature racing game for 2+ Players.

Racers will need to synergize their equipment and Pit Crews in order to reach peak efficiency and blaze past the opposition.

Fight for control of the Cyberball while fending off attacks from opponents as you careen around the track!

You will need:

  • (6) d6
  • (1) set Polyhedral Dice- d4, d8, (2) d10, d12, d20
  • Miniatures/Tokens for Racers and the Cyberball
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Terrain pieces or household objects to create a track layout
  • Pips to track HP

Created for the OPR Game Jam #2


ARC- Android Racing Circuit.pdf 442 kB

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